Welcome To Lautoka City Council

The Lautoka City Council (LCC) is a vibrant, forward‐focused and agile municipal organization located in western of Viti Levu, 24 kilometers north of Nadi.  Declared a city in 1977, approximately 44,000 residents make Lautoka their home and about 4000 people come from outside to work in the city. The city is located in an area of 4,000 acres. and has 8163 ratepayers.

Known as the Sugar City, Lautoka is vibrant City with a strong community values, quality lifestyle, and dynamic investment opportunities and as a desirable place to live, work and visit.”

Lautoka has the largest sugar mill, central bulk storage, loading facilities and is a second Port of Entry. Apart from this, there are number of other industries such as timber, pine chips, garment, distillery, brewery, blending, steel, fishing, hatchery and many more. The city is also housed the government departments and statutory bodies in the Western Division, and is also known as the Administrative Capital

To keep in line with the technological changes, Lautoka City Council has established a digital footprint, our website and social media presence is designed to better serve citizens and visitors.

We hope you find the site useful, informative and fun.



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