Rates collection is the major Revenue earner for the lautoka City council. Lautoka City Council is heavily dependent on the rates to fully and effectively its services to the ratepayers.

All rated are levied yearly payable by the 31st of January  of each year.  All Rates /assessments  are mailed to the last given postal address beginning of every year. However if you have not received the rates/assessments please visit the rates office to obtain a copy and update your details.

The Lautoka City Council  levies the following rates : –

  • General Rates
  • Special Rates
  • Agriculture Rates ( for those who use land for farming within the city boundary)

How to Pay Your Rates.

The following options are available  for payment of your rates

  • Direct payment at the LCC Cashier.
  • Wages/Salary deductions
  • Direct deposit/ online transfer. ( Bank : BSP Account # 8545855)
  • M- Paisa
  • Payment via installments upon approval from rates section.

What Happens If I Do Not Pay My Rates

Under Cap 125 of the Local government act.  The council has the right seek further actions to recover rates from defaulters who ignore , evade  and disregard council notices and reminders. Such measures includes : –

Direct deduction from salary/wages  from employers.

Issuance of Attornment/ Tenancy notice to Tenants.

Instituting Legal action on defaulters via Small Claims Tribunal.

Placing Caveat on properties via the Magistrates Court.

Issuing of Committal Warrant to defaulters via  the Magistrates Court.

Filing bankruptcy via Magistrates Court

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