The Building Department is responsible for controlling the standards of building to ensure they are safe, stable and contribute to the health of its residents and designed, constructed in ways that promote sustainable development. An important role in deciding whether to grant a permit to people waiting to construct the building.

All building works require approval by the council through the application of a building permit. A building permit is a confirmation that the building plans comply with the council building code, building regulations and town planning requirements.

Steps in Obtaining A Building Permit.


  • All building applications must accompany a building plan with documentation and lodgment fee.


  • Once the council is satisfied with the application and it meets all the required criteria. A building permit will be issued and ready for collection.


  • The building permit is valid for six months. An extension can be applied on the permit but  it is  to the discretion of the council If an extension is granted it will be valid for another  six months.

Processing Timeline

  • The normal timeline for application around 20 working days, however, your application may take up 60days if the council requires further information.
  • If your application is unclear the timeline stops until all required information is submitted to the council. It is advisable to have your documentation in order before submitting the application. If the proposed development work does not meet the required building regulations Council will not be able to issue a building permit.

Permit Renewal

  • The building permit is valid for six months. an extension can be applied to a permit but it to the discretion of the council and if an extension is granted it will be valid for six months.

Compliance / Inspections

To ensure the building is in compliance with the building concern, inspections are required at various stages of construction you will need to contact the department  to book an inspection and provide the following information :-

  • Address of the site for inspection
  • Booking for Site inspection ( Please have the building permit on record when making the booking.)
  • Stage of work completed for Site inspection

If the inspector feels that work does not meet the building permit requirements then a re-inspection would be required. If the inspection has been missed then you will need to contact the department and make alternative evidence the work is in compliance with the building permit.

Stages for Inspection

  • Foundation/footing inspection
  • Decking floor/wall framing inspection
  • Column inspection
  • Suspended floor slap inspection and beam inspection.
  • Roof beam inspection
  • Roof structural inspection
  • Drainage inspection
  • Building services inspection
  • Completion inspection

Final inspection

Any final inspections need to be booked two days in advance as this gives the council time to check all information is in order prior to final inspection.

Illegal Development

Any building constructed without a building permit is deemed illegal. All developments have to be in compliance with the Public  Health Act Cap  III, town/City building Regulations, National Building Code of Fiji, Town Planning Act Cap 13 of the Lautoka Town  Planning Scheme General Provisions and other by-Laws. The council has the right to penalize people if they are found guilty of breaching the Law.

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