LCC delivers a wide range of services and infrastructure to support both residents, businesses and visitors. Core services include law enforcement and compliance; refuse collection, street maintenance and traffic management, parks, recreational/sporting and cultural programming and capital improvements. City services are delivered directly and indirectly through employees who works in 4 operating departments namely :-

  • Health Services
  • Engineering Services
  • Building
  • Financial & Administration Services

Customers also visit LCC facilities to receive services or conduct business transactions. Some services are outsourced such as grass cutting & drain cleaning, public convenience attendant, market cleaning, truck & plant hiring.

Organizational Structure

Lautoka City Council  operates under the Ministry of Local Government. Since 2006 a Special Administrator was appointed by the Government who overseas that government’s policy direction is aligned by Lautoka City Council. The Ministry hires a CEO to implement the policy direction of the council and oversee the day‐to‐day operations of the city.  This position is accountable directly to the Director of Local Government in the Ministry of Local Government. The CEO and 4 department directors form the executive management team (EMT). The EMT guides day‐to‐day operations.

Organizational Structure

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