Lautoka City Councils Strategies Towards Mitigating Impacts of COVID -19 

In light of current Global COVID-19  pandemic, LCC has put in place following measures in trying to prevent COVID – 19 within Lautoka City:

  1. Councils awareness for all staffs on March 17, 2020

Councils organized inhouse awareness for all staffs by CEO and Acting Director Health Services

  1. COVID -19 Awareness Bill board placed at strategic locations

At Drasa Avenue Junction/Thompson Crescent R/A and Market

  1. Representation on West COVID -19 Taskforce Team

Council has nominated two staffs namely SHI Shalend Singh and Administration Officer Esika Qoro to West COVID-19 Taskforce team.

The staffs represent council at all taskforce meetings on daily basis from Thursday, March 19, 2020.

The staffs also attended meeting at Emergency Operation Centre, Lautoka Hospital on March 19, 2020 and March 20, 2020.


  1. Attend daily meetings and provide councils updates.
  2. Provide assistance in contact tracing eg Tappoo city and Internet shop where index patient visited.
  3. Release of 3 council garden staffs to assist Ministry of Health in sanitizing at Lautoka Hospital from March 20, 2020.
  4. Assist in setting up of fever clinics.
  5. Council also offered Churchill Park for fever clinic if need arises.
  1. Monitoring and closing down of non-essential businesses from March 20, 2020 to March 23, 2020
  • Total of 51 businesses were closed down.
  • Two businesses (Chands Amusement Centre and Atil Kumar Enterprises ) failed to adhere to warning on 22/3/20. Report was lodged with Police and they were both put in custody and charged for disobedience of lawful order.
  1. Awareness on COVID -19 with Minister of Social Welfare on March 17, 2020 and again on March 21, 2020. Inspection was done and advises was given on improvements.
  1. COVID 19 Awareness visits with distribution of circulars for food shops ( eateries, bakeries, warehouses and supermarkets etc) from March 19, 2020 to March 24, 2020. This will be continued.

Emphasis has been placed on maintenance of good hygiene practices (GHP) eg washroom facilities, hand washing facilities, sanitizing of contact surfaces. Failure to comply will result in litigation measures. Encouraged to place Hand sanitizers at entry.

Queue marking for physical distancing at New World and Rajendras West Field

  1. COVID 19 Awareness visits with distribution of circulars also conducted for other essential businesses like banks, WAF, EFL, money exchange, Fiji Sun, Fiji Times, Vodafone, Foneology, FNPF, Digicel etc from March 23, 2020.
  1. Two staffs of Nadi Town Council reporting at LCC whilst 5 staffs of LCC reporting to Nadi Town Council during the current lockdown period. 4 staffs of LCC reporting to BTC and 1 to STC.
  1. Monitoring and Emphasis on Cleaning/sanitizing of Public conveniences. Distributed disinfectants and cleaning materials including soaps/hand wash. Field forty, Drasa Vitogo and Nadovu park conveniences closed. Hand  Sanitizers installed at Sugar City mall, market and bus stand.
  1. Council in partnership with other government agencies and CSO groups conducted Awarenes to General Public ( Market, supermarket, PRB Flats, Street announcements using hailer for residents, settlements, villages, FNU Students etc )
  1. All food vendors like juice sellers, sweet carts, food parcels, BBQ etc advised to cease operation during lockdown.
  1. Waste pickers stopped from entering landfill for 2 weeks.
  1. All ground and park bookings cancelled for 14 days to prevent public gathering.
  1. Vendors accommodation – 12 vendors stranded and accommodated at Sugar City Mall Vendors accommodation facilities.
  1. Bus Station/Market/sugar city mall – staffs deployed to carry out cleaning and sanitizing on regular basis.
  1. Cleaning of Market is done under supervision of market master. Soaps has been placed at wash bays. Regular awareness at Lautoka market on COVID -19 by market master.
  1. Two staffs of LCC are under self isolation as their immediate family members were in contact with index patient and his family member.
  1. Council assisted with cleaning and maintenance work for Natabua High School Isolation Centre. Special Administrators and CEO liaised with corporate sector for assistance eg Cathay Hotel, FRIENDS, Punjas and Subrails Furniture for donation of supplies like mattresses, pillows, food, soap and sanitizers.

LCC staffs helping out for setup of Isoltion Centre at Natabua High School

FRIENDS donated toiletries for 4 mothers admitted at Lautoka Hospital during lockdown

  1. Council worked with defence forces in terms of Physical Distancing compliance at queues at FNPF/Banks.
  1. Measures at LCC office.
  • Hand sanitizers installed at entrance to main office, health department, Depot , market and parking meter office.
  • 1 staff have been deployed to continuously sanitize main office building.
  • Hand gloves distributed to staffs of LCC. There is shortage of face masks so it could not be given to staffs.
  • Awareness posters
  • Visitors log book introduced.
  1. Mobile Fever Clinic and COVID -19 Screening

COVID -19 Taskforce after the emergency taskforce meeting on April 1, 2020 resolved to carry out mass screening for COVID -19 within Lautoka District targeting 80,000 population. The taskforce revealed that findings of the mass screening would enable government to make a decision regarding the uplifting of the lockdown.

All government agencies including LCC were requested to mobilise resources under integrated approach to assist the government in carryout the mass screening.

Council allocated following resources :

  1. Council vehicles – HO 689 and FY 526
  2. 12 staffs
  3. Manager Health Services and Senior Health Inspector were delegated to oversee city area screening
  4. Allocate Churchill Park for morning briefing for 100 taskforce personnel.

The screening was carried out from April 2 to April 6, 2020.

The summaries of Screening are as follows:

Dates Coverage
2/4/20 5908
3/4/20 14555
4/4/20 13884
5/4/20 9045
6/4/20 15200
Total 58,592
  • There were 12 referrals whereby sick persons were taken by medical personnel for further examinations.
  • 1 case of illegal border crossing and failure to self-quarantine was identified and reported to taskforce.
  • Awareness was also done in regards to COVID 19.
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